Week 10 Start Bench Advice (Line-Up Rankings Style)

As we head into Week 10 of the 2013 fantasy football season, I thought we’d mix up how we do our Start Bench Advice, at least for this week. It took a little longer that usual to crank out, but we decided to compile a three-person average into some rankings we do on fantasypros.com, so below you will see that three-person average (Smitty, Ballgame, Zach). Of course, you can check out just my take via our Projections, but below is a good mix of what a few contributors. I hope you enjoy this week’s version of start ‘em and sit ‘em advice by way of weekly line-up rankings.

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Our Week 10 Player Projections are sortable, so that you can list only running backs, quarterbacks, wide receivers or tight ends individually. Or, you can list all positions at once. We also have a PPR and non-PPR sorting option. Your line-up decisions just got a whole lot easier!

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  1. I don’t quite understand how it’s done & what ECR or vs ECR means…?

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    • Basically it’s the average of how Smitty, ballgame and zach rank each player based on how well they think they will do this week. So if you were deciding between Romo and Newton, for example, their rankings would say start Romo over Newton.

      The ECR is basically the same thing. It’s a average of how a bunch of people (from FantasyPros, I assume) ranked the players and it is what they have them ranked as. So you can compare DCs ranking of a player vs the rankings for a player of another site.

      Hope this helps

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  2. Romo is ranked 11th but ECR is 7 and it says -4

    Foles is ranked 8th but ECR is 10 and it says +2.

    I knew it was a mix of rankings but I still don’t understand what that means & which is the actual ranking. So Romo is ranked below Foles?

    Also……Smitty, how do you feel about Crosby as a kicker now? I’d assume he’s not safe to rely on for good production anymore without Rodgers. Kicking is random, I know, but Prater & Crosby, among a few others are people I LOVE because of the offense they’re tied to you know? How do you feel about Alex Henery, David Akers, or Vinatieri? Vinatieri has been amazing but without Reggie Wayne can we trust they’ll move the ball well? Last week for an entire 1/2 it was UGLY. I’m torn on Mike Nugent also. Rank them please. I’m stuck between starting Foles or Romo this week and stuck between Rivers & Russell Wilson in another league.

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    • I can help with the first part

      Romo is ranked 11th but ECR is 7 and it says -4

      This mean The rankings by fantasy pros has Romo at 7 and DC has him at 11 so his is 4 spots lower in DCs rankings compared to (vs) the ECR

      Foles is ranked 8th but ECR is 10 and it says +2.

      This is kind of the same thing as the Romo on but Fantasy pros has him at 10 and DC has him at 8 so he is 2 spots higher in DCs rankings compared to (vs) the ECR

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    • Dez I have the same worries about Crosby. Starting him this week anyway, but don’t nearly feel as confident.

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    • ECR is Expert Consensus Ranking.. jknighton explained it right. FantasyPros includes our rankings in their ERC average. They aren’t the same rankings on DC, as DC is “going forward”…

      Honestly, I’d use the 3 person average we have as far as kickers go. Even if you like a kicker more than another, and even if the match up appears right, predicting kickers is tough. Especially week to week.

      Romo vs. Foles is tough. That could change week to week, proven by Foles’ fall from anyone’s radar after one back week, then on to his 7TD performance. My projections have Foles higher I believe, but I’d be lying if I said that couldn’t change and Romo jumps up. It’s just that close, which is why I though this average of 3 DC rankers (paired against probably 100 experts (the vs ECR piece) was the best way to approach these complicated Weeks 10-14.

      So I take it this could be a good way to do the Start Bench Column in Weeks 11-16? I’ll try to mix in a few tough dilemma questions as well just below displaying these.

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  3. Also, how can Houston D @ Arizona of all teams not be anywhere on the list……yet a Bengals D now without Geno Atkins be number 4!? Please shed some light on that. Texans D is somehow ranked number ONE overall D by the PFF. Shouldn’t they be a strong start in most weeks?

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  4. Wow Smitty GREAT FEATURE! I love that I am able to compare players and hear different point of views by other experts. Love this addition. Shmily “)

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    • Thanks, I take it this will be good to do from Weeks 11-16 then? I just figure with these tough Weeks 10-15, when playoff spots are on the line, some averages might help better with line-up calls.

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  5. I agree Smitty! Nice work! Love it and I say keep it like this in the upcoming weeks!

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  6. I say so Smitty, keep it coming. I am learning how to play my opponent by the potential of my roster bottom to ceiling. I needed a risky play last week and THilton had the highest ceiling went with him and was able to go over .500 for the first time and break through into our playoff bracket. Thanks again! Shmily “)

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  7. Smitty,

    I have a good one for you. I need to start 3.
    Get this correct and you will be my hero.
    Shone Greene
    Lamar Miller
    Andre Brown

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    • That’s a tough one. Murray is the clear for sure here, and while somewhat risky, Lamar Miller is a guy I’d play. If you look at the ERC data above, it appears Sproles is the lock at your second spot, though, but that’s assuming he is going to be a full go coming off that concussion. Stay on the news on this! If healthy, and it looks like he is, Sproles and Murray are locked in. Again, I play Miller, because I don’t trust AZ, but how do you sit Ellington after his last game? Or Miller? Create a poll a couple hours before kickoff and see if there is a change with Sproles. A huge pool of people have Ellington over Miller, though, at least in PPR, so there is nothing wrong with going with the massive group of 100s of people on something this close. ERC (ppr) says Murray, Sproles, Ellington.

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  8. Hey Smitty,
    Should i cut P Hillis, J Stewart, or J Cutler and pick up Dobson. Looking at Dobson’s number 14 and 28 points last 2 weeks scoring tds in both and 1/2 his games at least 9 targets. Seems like with Gronk back he is always open. I have Ande Brown so that is why i have Hillis, Cutler i picked up to back up Stafford plus 1st place team lost Rodgers didnt want him grabbing him. Not sure how to view J Stewart that situation is crazy. I also have Bryce Brown but own Mccoy so i know i should keep him . MY wr’s are Dez, AJ Green, T Smith , and Harvin but with Dez’s back and him and green on bye worth another wr add to be safe. Who to drop?

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  9. Well, if you will still have a backup QB, yeah, I drop Cutler. I keep Hillis in your situation. And, while I’m not super high on JStew, he is a better option, or stab in the dark, than 3rd QB, but maybe not over Dobson. Tough to say. CAR is crowded as is, so I’d say dropping Stewart for Dobson sounds decent.

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