Week 7 Start Bench Advice: 2013

Below you will find our Week 7 Start Bench Advice for the 2013 fantasy football season. Who should you start entering Week 7? Who should you sit? If you have start ‘em and sit ‘em dilemmas not mentioned below, be sure to post a comment at the end of the article; I, or one of our awesome DraftCalc moderators, will try and hit you back with an answer!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Week 7 Projections.

Let’s get to it!

Andrew Luck, TY Hilton, Reggie Wayne vs. DEN

Andrew Luck, TY Hilton, Reggie Wayne vs. DEN

Andrew Luck, TY Hilton and Reggie Wayne should bounce-back in a major way in Week 7, as Denver is ranked dead-last in the league against the pass. Denver might be 2nd in the league against the run (which isn’t good for Trent Richardson in Week 7), but they surrender 338 passing yards and almost 2 passing TDs per-game. Then mix in the fact that Denver is fully capable of outscoring their opponents by quite a bit come the third quarter, you have yourself a recipe for tons of 3rd- and 4th-quarter passing (for the Colts). While anything can happen, proven by the way this fantasy season has gone for RB1s, Luck should be golden for 300 and 2-3.

Robert Griffin III vs. CHI

Robert Griffin III vs. CHI

A lot of people don’t like Robert Griffin III right now, and while it’s understandable that slower-than-expected starts can often create major long-term doubt, I think many could overlook RG3 down the stretch here in Weeks 7-16. First off, he looked healthy in Week 6 — that bye week did him some good! And, on that topic, if you don’t own RG3 but want to, he is bye-free from here on out! It’s a small thing, but important, especially if you can buy-low. RG3 didn’t throw for a touchdown in Week 6, and he had a pick, but he ran well (77 rushing yards), which was encouraging, and his match-up is great this week against the Bears (who rank in the bottom four against the pass). This game is also at home, something that will surely benefit the passer. Is there risk attached to RG3? Sure, he wouldn’t be in the sleeper start section if there wasn’t risk… people are in major ‘doubt mode’, and many RG3 owners are talking about throwing much lesser fantasy options into their line-ups heading into Week 7. Again, it’s understandable, and sure there is some risk that RG3 needs even a few more games to get back to his old self… I have a good feeling about this match-up in Week 7, though, so unless you have an even bigger QB name on your roster, don’t sit RG3 this week for a borderline top 10 passer. Just don’t. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the guy dropped 280-300 passing, 50+ rushing and 2-3 total scores. The Bears score a lot, and given Washington is middle-of-the-league against both the rush and the pass, I think this game is a high-scoring battle!

Nick Foles vs. DAL

Nick Foles vs. DAL

This game is in Philly, the Cowboys rank in the bottom three in the league against the pass, and Nick Foles just dropped 296 yards and 4TDs filling in for Michael Vick last week… any questions? In fact, in roughly 1.5 games, Foles has 6TDs and 0INTs. Dallas surrenders over 300 and 2TDs per-game through the air – Foles is a strong bet for at least that this week! Not that you’d be expecting otherwise, but expect huge games this week out of both DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy.

Knowshon Moreno at IND

Knowshon Moreno at IND

After last week’s 3TD performance, it’s tough imagining anyone sitting Knowshon Moreno heading into this match-up (as Indy is 31st against the run)… that said, most that own Moreno picked him up off waivers, or drafted him very, very late, so there are likely two much bigger names sitting in front of him on paper/your roster. So, with that said, don’t sit a big-time rusher for Moreno, but bring your dilemma to our forums if you feel it’s a dilemma… and don’t hesitate to run Moreno out onto the field in Week 7 as your flex option. Moreno should be good for 100 total yards and a score in this one. He could have a much bigger day than that, too.

Giovani Bernard at DET

Giovani Bernard at DET

Again, like with Knowshon Moreno above, it’s hard to initially imagine many benching Giovani Bernard entering Week 7 (after he just dropped 100 total yards and a score against the Bills), but teams that own players like Bernard and Moreno were most likely built to have those guys as RB3s… so, dilemmas are now emerging. Well, like said above, bring your dilemmas to the forums, but know that Gio is a good bet fro 100 total yards and a score against the Lions this week, as the Lions are in the bottom five against the run and bottom 10 against the pass. Since Gio makes his living in both arenas, this is a great overall match-up for the explosive and speedy runner.

Lamar Miller vs. BUF

Lamar Miller vs. BUF

This is the match-up fantasy owners have been waiting for, at least that’s what logic suggests, and with running backs this year, logic doesn’t always pay. Buffalo ranks 28th against the run through Week 6, and given that the Bills are also in the bottom 10 against the pass, something tells me that Miami will be able to run in this one. With the Bills enduring quarterback injuries, and given that this game is in Miami, I’m hopeful that Miller will finally see some heavy 3rd- and 4th-quarter touches in this one… 100 and a touch on the ground sounds past due for the runner! There are safer options, know that, but now is the time to buy-low if you believe in the guy.

Chris Givens at CAR

Chris Givens at CAR

I know, many of you are considering cutting Chris Givens, so starting him is not even in your thought process right now… well, don’t sit a big name for the struggling receiver, as this is the “sleeper starts” section… however, if you’re juggling WR3s, or need a high-risk/high-reward flex play this week, consider giving Givens another look. He dropped what was to be an 80-yard touchdown last week… had he caught that, we’d be talking about his 3 receptions for exactly 100 yards and 1TD. It is what it is, though, and we could play that “if he caught this pass” game all day long with a long list of players, but my point is it’s not like he isn’t still the Rams’ deep-threat… and it’s not like Sam Bradford isn’t putting up strong fantasy stats, because he is. Let’s get one thing clear… Givens is a second-year player, and sometimes it takes receivers three season (sometimes four) to explode. Could I be a year early? Sure. I’m not suggesting that I am yet, but my point here is that if Givens continues to struggle, dynasty owners can’t give up on him, and non-dynasty owners should be buying low… he could explode next year if not this year — Ok, so all that said, I still think he is ready to shine this year… so, here is to 4-5 receptions and 80 yards and a score!

Andy Dalton at DET

Andy Dalton at DET

Not that I’m advising anyone to sit a big name passer for Andy Dalton this week, he could have a solid outing against the Lions, who rank 26th against the pass. If anything, this is great news for AJ Green and Giovani Bernard owners this week, as both could see near 100 total yards and a great shot at a touchdown.

Our Week 7 Player Projections are sortable, so that you can list only running backs, quarterbacks, wide receivers or tight ends individually. Or, you can list all positions at once. We also have a PPR and non-PPR sorting option. Your line-up decisions just got a whole lot easier!

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  1. Foles just got a bump tonight on the projections.. you can see on the Projections page he is now throwing for 335, 2TDs and 0INTs… 3 spots below him sits RG3 passing for 260 yards 2TDs and 1 INT, with 35 rushing… Eli sits at 305 passing, 2TDs, 2INTs.. So, all these guys are right around the same TD wise for me, and close yardage. I think the risks with RG3 and Eli are the turnovers. While Foles could all of the sudden toss some picks, he is walking into this game with 1.5 starts with 6TDs and 0INTs. So, given his match-up is gold, and given his TD/INT ration is much more promising, I think Foles might be the start here. Anything can happen with QBs in this range, though, as any one of them could be a flop due to flow of game, or top 5 during any given week. Eli can toss out three total dud weeks, but then throw for 400 and 4 with 2INTs because he is passing like crazy to get his team back into a game. That stuff happens. RG3 could run for 70 and a score. Anything can happen with these guys, but Foles seems safest.

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  2. Thanks Smitty, kinda what I’m thinking with NYG backfield as well. Got one more for you. I been clinging to Jared Cook for his upside we saw week 1, but with Kendricks in the mix now, I’m officially dropping him for another upside guy. My question is who do you like better as a breakout candidate this year in redraft, Jordan Reed or Tim Wright?

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  3. assuming Fitzgerald starts this week against SEA, would you start Fitz or Givens? .5 ppr.

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  4. Smitty could u rank these rbs for rest of season quick? Vereen ball d wilson b jacobs bernard pierce joique bell. I own pierce and bell wondering of its time to make a swap with the wire. Also would u drop jared cook for the unexciting heath miller? I wanna keep hope on cook but his production outside of week 1 is maddening esp when the rams other te’s are seeing paydirt

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    • Kinda depends on when you need this player, though. So when you say the rest of the season, I assume you may use the player now, but then again, I doubt you’re staring Pierce or Bell, so I’ll attack it two ways:

      If using the player now:
      1. Jacobs

      None of the other options are “now” plays, more wait and see and home run picks. I guess Bell could be used on byes as a flex, but he just lost some work, not too sure why either, I was really starting to think he’d have a lot of workload moving forward.

      If for the rest of this season, meaning redraft thinking, but you can wait on the player and won’t use them until they are screaming value:

      1) Vereen
      2) Wilson
      3) Pierce

      Vereen could explode coming off the bye (hopefully he will be ready and healthy).

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  5. Smitty, & all the rest, I’m in a 12 team non-ppr redraft league with NO FLEX (really stupid). As you probably assumed, it’s a 3 WR league.

    My team is:

    QB – Brady/Cutler (I’ve been switching)
    WR1 – Dez
    Julio Jones (just so you all know the team was stronger than what it currently is, lol)
    WR2 – Josh Gordon
    WR3 – Vincent Jackson
    RB1 – Forte
    RB2 – Woodhead
    TE – Cook (UGH)
    Seattle D

    On my bench I got my man TY, Kenbrell, Deandre, Joique Bell, Bernard Pierce, & Brady/Cutler.

    Given my team, would you trade Vincent Jackson straight up for Gio Bernard?

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    • I don’t think so. If it were dynasty maybe, but Woodhead is kind of a poor man’s Gio, so given it’s not a PPR, both are a touch less valuable right away. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gio more, he is a beast, but I like VJax and your WRs. Man, what a bummer on the Jones injury. Your team was insane, and I would have said do this trade had you still had Dez/Julio/Gordon. Nice drafting and way to be proactive in turning bad luck around.

      As for your situation, I still look to get a RB in there, so me saying no doesn’t mean I still don’t go after Gio… what about Hilton and Woodhead for Gio? What about Woodhead and VJax for Doug Martin? Sounds like a reach, but people are almost giving Martin away. You could likely land him if you keep at it. I go get Gio, or someone, I just try getting more value back, as VJax should get you a ton right now.

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      • Thanks man. I’ll go at it. Yea for the most part I’d say I drafted extremely well this year (in all 6 leagues), but angering bad luck has unfortunately hit me in the biggest money one (2-4) with the 5th highest score of 12 teams & lost 3 matches by 3 points or less in painful, absurd ways, but I’m keepin hope alive!

        My best team, which is currently 6-0 (I won this league last year, so I’m actually currently on a 14 game winning streak, lol) is:

        QB – Peyton
        WR1 – Dez
        WR2 – AJ Green
        WR3 – TY Hilton
        RB1 – Frank Gore
        RB2 – Knowshon Moreno
        TE – Jordan Cameron
        Flex – Keenan Allen
        K – Blair Walsh
        D – Denver/Arizona

        Bench – Kendall Hunter, Ronnie Hillman, Heath Miller, Shane Vereen, Christine Michael, Denver/Arizona

        It’s a 10 start league, 3 WR AND a Flex (as shown above). Just thought I’d share that with you because I know it’s close to perfection for you, & I myself am very proud! Thanks for doin all you do here Smitty

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  6. Thanks for the insight smitty. What do u think on jared cook? Are u still rolling him out there in most leagues or are you looking for replacements? A lot of upside guys hitting the wire in this league givens just joined vareen d wilson b pierce and ball. Trying to play cards right but keeping an eye out for future weeks. Snagged harvin for cobb this week and jacobs for b pierce. Thinkin im gonna roll jacobs out there for trich this week based on matchups. U dropping any of these guys below for the upside guys that hit the wire? Team of now is

    L miller
    T rich
    Keenan allen
    Balt def

    J bell
    Leveon bell
    Julio (keeping for next season) we only keep 1 player not your 1st rounder (my 1st was trich)

    Too bad we all didnt play in leagues with 10 bench spots but then again these guys wouldnt be out there for the taking.

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    • It’s tough to grab players that are iffy with small rosters, but Vereen is a game changer.

      As for Cook, man it’s tough to keep running him out there, but it’s even tough writing him off. I’m shocked when people say he sucks.. It’s not him, it’s is usage. He is overflowing with talent.

      We (other users) have been talking about Jordan Reed a lot, in case you don’t want to wait on Cook. For now, I still think he can rebound.

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  7. Hi Smitty,

    I posted this question on the forums and got the advice to sit tight, but I want your expert opinion.

    So, I was hit hard by the injury bug last week (losing Cobb and maybe Shorts and J. Bell). My team currently –

    Welker, K. Wright
    McCoy, Lacy
    V. Davis
    Flex – J. Bell
    Bench – S. Hill, C. Shorts, D. Hopkins, Bryce Brown, C. Michael, J. Franklin, Cobb (IR)

    I’m sitting at 3-3 in a very competitive 12 man PPR league. I put McCoy on the trading block, thinking I can probably get a start-worthy RB and WR in return. I received the following proposals:

    1. Calvin Johnson straight up
    2. Andre Johnson and Stevan Ridley
    3. Dez Bryant straight up
    4. T. Richardson and Steve Smith and Vereen * This owner also has Blackmon. Would you do McCoy for TRich, Vereen, and Blackmon?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    • I don’t know I make this trade. First off, if you trade McCoy, now you’re weak at RB2, right? It appears above you start two, and I’m not so sure I like any of those trades anyway, as you have Bryce Brown also, you’re golden. If you can’t start Lacy, if I’m reading the above wrong, trade him, and wait a week or two if you aren’t getting good bites for him. Lacy alone, if he keeps playing well, buys you a Cruz or someone later, but I’m liking that squad. Losing Cobb sucks, and it takes your team from a super tough team to beat (regardless of your 3/3 record) to a team that still can win it all. If you don’t trade your rushers, which is my current stance, do not divide up Franklin from Lacy or Brown from McCoy, this is your safety net and keeps you rock-solid at RB. I think I stick with what you got, work waivers, try to get a WR like Givens or Hilton using only players outside of Romo, WElker, McCoy, Lacy, VDavis and the two RB back ups. Might be hard, I know, but I just saw one owner in a league of mine pick up Joseph Randle and he just traded him for Steve Smith. One add/drop move landed him a puzzle piece he needed. So keep at it, stand down, though! ;)

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  8. Smitty,

    Why are you liking Cook again this week ? Why are you not giving up on him? Week after week he lets us down.

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    • I’m not telling anyone to not get your back up plan ready or anything, but he exploded in Week 1. He didn’t just have a good week, he looked, and was, the next Jimmy Graham in that game. Now, what has he done for us lately? Nothing, I feel ya, my friend. I do. I get that, but his Week 1 (and talent if you watch the film) is not a fluke. Is his situation going to be the killer? Might be. But not giving up on him yet because I see elite. Seeing elite doesn’t always mean the workload/targets follow, that’s the risk, that’s why he is an Upside pick and bold move. No where am I still saying, “start him over everyone but Graham”… but I still think elite is in there somewhere, and with Bradford still putting up big numbers, it feels like one of those “oh, there he is again” situations. Time will tell, it is a reach, I get that.

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  9. What’s up Smitty. Pivotal game this week. What do you think about Zac Stacy or Alshon Jeffrey for flex?

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    • Oh boy, these are always those ones I say “easy call” and then guess what happens, the underdog has the game of his life :) Well, I don’t sit Alshon, I just couldn’t… Stacy has a good situation, that alone can have him do great things one week, but he seems, well, not ready to be called reliable or big-point capable. He just feels like a mediocre play that gets you decent flex-like points. Not bad, that’s a good play for flex spots. But, Jeffery, he feels WR2 ready. Anything can happen, always trust your gut, but I’d run Alshon out onto the field and hide Stacy’s helmet.

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  10. So I have Megatron, B Marshall, V Cruz and TY Hilton, but can only use 2 unless I want to sit Forte, Gio or L Miller this week. Who do I use this week?

    I plan on running out Forte and L Miller as my RB, Gio as my flex, Megatron and Marshall as my WR. I just wanted some thoughts.

    I’m still rolling with Cook, but like fieldvision above asks, I just don’t know why I haven’t given up on him. He almost single handed won week 1 for me, I guess that is it.

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    • On Cook, yeah, he single handedly won a lot of weeks for people, he deserves a bit of faith. Maybe sit him if your option is good, but if just mediocre, I’m going with Cook still. For now. The problem is targets, not talent.

      Wow. I guess my main comment and question here is why aren’t you trading one of your WRs to upgrade at RB2? or trade Cruz and Hilton for one player like Dez or AJG? I’m not gonna lie, it’s almost too close to call here. You have Miller so close to breakout out, but you gotta almost say Forte and Gio are your RBs, and Megatron (monitor the news and react accordingly), Marshall and Cruz are your three plays. But, again, with Miller so close to breaking out, it sure will be painful watching him go nuts for the first time on your bench. Then again, as a good GM, what is the best and smartest GM play here? What is logical? I’d say that regardless of Miller’s game, and let’s assume he has 90 and a score for sure, doesn’t history and logic tell us Cruz and Marshall and Calvin are all very strong bets for that kind of production as well, but with more of a likelihood of cranking those numbers out?

      All this said, my answers are in the Projections as well :) and your WRs are projected well.

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      • I actually just picked up Cruz via trade…his owner needed a RB so I traded Zac Stacey for him straight up. I like desperation! I will ship one of the receivers off soon to upgrade at RB, at least that is my plan. Thanks for the help.

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  11. Nice article Smitty. Could you pick 4 WR? PPR.

    B. Marshall, Keenan Allen, Blackmon, Gordon, Fritzgerald, A Brown, Thompkins, Jeffrey

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    • Marshall, Allen, Blackmon, Gordon. I didn’t even look at my Projections, if those four don’t float to the top when you type “WR” in that search feature, well, then you know it’s close, and sometimes projections and rankings for each week can change each time you do them, things are that tight sometimes from week to week, as ABrown could go crazy during any given week, same with Jeffery. The only real question is do you sit Allen for anyone? Marshall, Blackmon and Gordon are locks in my book.

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    • I would. Cobb won’t play until at least Week 15, Wilson should be back earlier. Of course this is redraft advice.

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  12. Hey Smitty-
    I borrowed your brain on draft day and basically cleaned up on all young guys you wrote up in a DYNASTY 10 teamer. We have an OP slot so the Rivers has owned that for last month.

    1) Should I try to trade one of the extra QBs or package Julius Thomas with Pryor or Rivers to hit a home run… Your thoughts sir?

    2) I already bailed on Tavon Austin. Should I pick him up? What to do with all these young WRs that should be better…but aren’t helping me win NOW?

    (rivers, t. pryor)

    e. lacy
    l. miller
    d. martin
    m. ball – still holding out
    m. lattimore – stashed in IR

    d. hopkins
    j. gordon
    c. patterson
    k. allen
    m. colston
    j. boykin – just took a flier

    j. thomas
    r. gronkowski – here he comes!
    ** (Our league allows us to keep 10 players for up to 3 years/player)

    Keep it classy!
    fan of nukdabomb

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    • I love the squad on the QB and RB side, and the WR side is underrated. Gordon, Hopkins, not a true WR1 and 2 yet, but you have such a strong QB/RB balance, and clearly the balance is swung over to Gronk, so your WRs should be about like that. Gronk is what you need, yep, here he comes. Keep Martin, don’t sell low on Miller, and keep Hopkins and Gordon (unless you can get something ridiculous for him, like a Givens and Spiller or something nuts).

      Givens is a great WR to target for the future. I know, everyone has given up, but in dynasty that’s total knee-jerk, as he is only in his second year, and even Dez couldn’t be elite in his second year. Some WRs need 3 years.

      Trade packages… yeah, JT and Pryor or Rivers for a strong WR2 that might turn into the next WR1. Hit the forums for a consensus. Not suggesting Nicks is worth that, but even bounce-back WRs like him might be worth a grab for the future. Nicks is still young, could be playing elsewhere next year, even if traded, he could play elsewhere.

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  13. Should I trade J. Gorden for R. Gronkowski in a 12 team PPR redraft my WR. are Bryant, Cruz, Blackmon my TE. are Miller, Rudolph

    Thank’s for the help!!!

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    • Not a bad idea, but there is a ton of risk, know that. You almost have to wonder what the Julius Thomas owner has, maybe you get him and a WR upgrade for Gordon, not that you can upgrade your WRs much, they are flat out solid. Nice job. Gronk is an exciting addition to your squad, what a group of WRs and TE you’d have! If you like to gamble, but on a good bet, sure. But, look at that roster of the JT owner just in case there is a deal to be done there, maybe trading Gordon for JT and a RB upgrade?

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  14. Smitty, big cookie league. 12 team .5 ppr . We get 1 keeper each year and can keep a player up to 3 years every year they move up 1 round . I am 3-3 this year and well in the playoff hunt . My team is on the bottom for next year i know its early but some of my keeper options. 2014 Spiller 6th round , Harvin 14th, J Thomas 15th, Moreno 13th, Ball 5th, L Miller 3rd, Dez Bryant 3rd round. I got offered Doug Martin for Spiller. Martin was picked in the 1st round so i wouldn’t be keeping Martin no value there unless maybe i had 12 pick next year and prob still wouldn’t. Should I do this trade to help me this year? If I kept like a dez or harvin next year i wouldnt keep spiller anyway . But if Spiller turns it around he is a 6th round keeper in 2014, a 5th round keeper in 2015, and 4th round keeper in 2016, thoughts????

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    • my team now does this help my team right now as well martin for spiller?

      12 team

      QB Stafford
      RB Moreno
      RB Spiller
      WR Dez
      WR Marshall
      TE J Thomas
      Flex L Miller or K Allen ( Percy coming back soon)

      Andre Brown, Mcgahee, Stacy, Hopkins, Percy Harvin

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    • I have to say, Martin is a solid add for that, but only if you think you really have a strong shot at winning this year. You are in the hunt you said, so maybe make the move. Stafford, Martin, Moreno, Dez, Marshall, JT (Miller off the bench), looks like a contender no doubt. No doubt. If you can make the playoff still, though. Then, hey, you keep Dez as a 2nd, or is the first year a 3rd, then counting down? Even as a 2nd, you could always trade your 2nd rounder down to someone’s late 2nd round (moving them up if let’s say you get a high second), thus allowing you to move up in the first?). Dez as a late 2nd (a moved up first rounder due to that trade down that doesn’t affect Dez’s keeper spot), that all sounds like the plan to me, thus allowing you to upgrade Spiller to Martin for this year.

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  15. Hi Smitty,

    Not sure who to start in my rb2 slot this week. Miller or Spiller? It seems they both have a favorable matchup, but does one have a better chance than the other to have a huge game?


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    • This is one of those calls where you could get it wrong weekly rotating between the two. Miller is the guy that seems to be walking into the game with tons of momentum. Honestly, I could see myself swapping these two all morning long until kickoff locked whomever I had last in. It’s just that hard of a decision. Miller, barely.

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      • Thanks Smitty. I’ll go with Miller then. You’re exactly right about getting it wrong when rotating back and forth. It seems like when I’ve started Miller he gets a modest number of carries while Thomas does nothing to impress, and Spiller somehow pulls off a decent 13 point game getting one long TD run. But then when I switch the following week Spiller ended up with 40 or 50 yards, while Miller managed a goal line TD. It really is a coin toss with these two incompetent teams not utilizing them properly.

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  16. Who do I trade to get better? My team right now in a 12 team is:

    Rice, Martin, T-Richardson, Woodhead, Andre Brown, Brandon Bolden
    AJ Green, D Thomas, Greg Jennings, Robert Woods, Kenny Britt
    Graham, Fleener

    If Brees is available…do I go for him and for who? This is a pretty shroud group of guys. Other QB’s I could trade for would be Kaep, Luck. Dalton, Pryor, Tannehill, and Freeman are free agents.

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      • That’s one awesome team. Crazy to imagine you not being 6-0, but strange things have happened. Is this a keeper? If so, I like what you have. If redraft, I still love the entire roster, but I consider trading RG3 for a Brees or Luck if you only have to give up a Jennings or Andre Brown or maybe, maybe Woodhead. Honestly, though, I think I just roll with RG3 past that. Nice work.

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        • Thanks Smitty – this is an auction keepers league. I purchased a bunch of players thus potentially killing my cap for next year, but I am going for the championship this year. I will see how the Brees deal goes down for one of those three guys.

          Enjoy your Sunday.

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  17. In my flex in a twelve team ppr, Alshon Jeffery or Deangelo Williams? Thanks

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    • I gotta point you to my projections. Anyone else have a take on this to give Dcaster some variety? This one could go either way… regardless of what my projections say, though, the receiver is often the safest play when it’s ppr and they are neck and neck.

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  18. Hey Smitty, I need to drop one player on my team this week since jimmy graham is on bye and i need a tight end. Who should I drop: Dwayne Bowe, Zac Stacy, Kenbrell Thomkins, or Harry Douglas. Also which Tight end should i pick up for this week: Joseph Fauria, Scott Chandler, Tim Wright, Kyle Rudloph or Kellen Winslow? Personally I like Scott Chandler and Kyle Rudoph the best because of their matchups. Your Opinion?

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    • While he could go nuts this week, Douglas is hard to plug into a line -up. He could go off, though, but do you ever see starting him? If not, he is your guy. Tim Wright or Rudolph… coin flip.

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  19. I currently have Randle and Miller in as my two RBs and am flexing Heath. I’m flip flopping like crazy on this. I see Bell getting in on some pass game and goal line. Heath has been solid the past few weeks. I really like Miller against BUF and I think Randle is worth the shot as a workhorse in DAL. Sanders is an option, I’m just not so sure. I think IND is going to air it out w/ DEN leaving TRich with limited carries. Then there’s the Week 6 wonder, T. Wright.

    One Point PPR, +1 40 yrd recp/run. Not sure what combo to throw in for 2 RBs and a W/R/T.

    H. Miller, Le’Veon, Lamar Miller, TRich, E. Sanders, and T. Wright?

    Insight, please.

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    • Post this on the forums and at the bottom of the post, before you hit “post”, create a poll.. get tons more feedback with voting.

      I would roll with Miller and Randle. While I understand Heath Miller as your flex, I think LeVeon would be hard to sit over him.

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  20. Hey Smitty,

    I am in a REDRAFT league. I am hurting for WR’s, and I was just offered HIS Josh Gordon for MY Gio Bernard.

    This is a 12 team, non-ppr, redraft league where all TD’s are worth 6pts. Standard scoring.

    We start 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 TE, K, D/ST

    My Roster:

    QB: Brady, Wilson
    RB: Moreno, L. Miller, Bernard, Ball, McGahee
    WR: Marshall, Allen, Givens, Harvin
    TE: Cook, H.Miller

    Do you think I should pull the trigger?

    Thank You!

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