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Week 3 Start and Bench Advice (Weekly Projections)

Below is our Week 3 Start & Bench Advice for the 2012 fantasy football season.

This start ‘em and sit ‘em advice is not typical, in fact, it’s both bold and unconventional.

If you are looking for plain and simple, or a “play it safe” analysis, you’re in the wrong place.

Let’s get to it!

Week 3 Projections

*These fantasy football projections are based on a standard PPR scoring format; only the top 6 projections are listed for each match-up


1. Cam Newton: 300pa/45ru/3TDs/0INTs
2. Eli Manning: 300pa/8ru/2TDs/1INT
3. Victor Cruz: 6-110rec/1TD
4. Steve Smith: 6-98rec/1TD
5. Hakeem Nicks: 5-70rec/1TD
6. Jonathan Stewart: 75ru/3-25rec/1TD


1. DeMarco Murray: 100ru/4-30rec/1TD
2. Tony Romo: 300pa/2TDs/1INT
3. Dez Bryant: 6-120rec/1TD
4. Doug Martin: 95ru/2-14rec/1TD
5. Vincent Jackson: 4-70rec/1TD
6. Miles Austin: 4-60rec/1TD


1. Maurice Jones-Drew: 70ru/4-40rec/1TD
2. Andrew Luck: 285pa/2TDs/1INT
3. Reggie Wayne: 6-85rec/1TD
4. Justin Blackmon: 5-70rec/1TD
5. Donald Brown: 55ru/2-15rec/1TD
6. Donnie Avery: 5-65rec/0TDs


1. C.J. Spiller: 140ru/4-45rec/2TDs
2. Trent Richardson: 110ru/3-24rec/1TD
3. Ryan Fitzpatrick: 240pa/2TDs/0INTs
4. Stevie Johnson: 5-85rec/1TD
5. Brandon Weeden: 220pa/1TD/2INTs
6. Greg Little: 6-75rec/0TDs


1. Reggie Bush: 90ru/4-38rec/1TD
2. Mark Sanchez: 220pa/1TD/1INT
3. Ryan Tannehill: 210pa/1TD/1INT
4. Santonio Holmes: 4-40rec/1TD
5. Shonn Greene: 64ru/1-6rec/0TDs
6. Lamar Miller: 60ru/1-6rec/0TDs


1. Drew Brees: 400pa/3TDs/1INT
2. Jimmy Graham: 6-90rec/1TD
3. Lance Moore: 6-85rec/1TD
4. Marques Colston: 5-65rec/1TD
5. Dwayne Bowe: 5-65rec/1TD
6. Jamaal Charles: 65ru/4-40rec/0TDs


1. Robert Griffin III: 275pa/65ru/3TDs/0INTs
2. A.J. Green: 6-110rec/2TDs
3. BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 70ru/3-40rec/1TD
4. Andy Dalton: 235pa/2TDs/1INT
5. Alfred Morris: 75ru/4-40rec/1TDs
6. Aldrick Robinson (insert Garcon if he plays): 5-80rec/1TD


1. Sam Bradford: 275pa/2TDs/0INTs
2. Brandon Marshall: 6-90rec/1TD
3. Danny Amendola: 6-90rec/1TD
4. Michael Bush: 95ru/2-15rec/1TD
5. Jay Cutler: 235pa/1TD/1INT
6. Steven Jackson (insert Richardson if SJax sits): 70ru/3-35rec/0TDs


1. Adrian Peterson: 100ru/3-25rec/1TD
2. Frank Gore: 90ru/3-20rec/1TD
3. Percy Harvin: 20ru/4-70rec/1TD
4. Vernon Davis: 5-70rec/1TD
5. Alex Smith: 200pa/1TD/1INT
6. Kyle Rudolph: 4-65rec/0TDs


1. Matthew Stafford: 300pa/15ru/3TDs/1INT
2. Calvin Johnson: 6-110rec/2TDs
3. Chris Johnson: 100ru/3-15rec/1TD
4. Titus Young: 5-80rec/1TD
5. Kenny Britt: 4-65rec/1TD
6. Mikel Leshoure: 65ru/3-20rec/0TDs


1. Julio Jones: 6-110rec/2TDs
2. Matt Ryan: 310pa/3TDs/1INT
3. Philip Rivers: 288pa/2TDs/2INTs
4. Antonio Gates: 6-90rec/1TD
5. Roddy White: 5-70rec/1TD
6. Ryan Mathews: 55ru/2-12rec/1TD


1. LeSean McCoy: 85ru/4-45rec/1TD
2. Michael Vick: 240pa/44ru/2TDs/2INTs
3. DeSean Jackson: 5-75rec/1TD
4. Larry Fitzgerald: 5-70rec/1TD
5. Brent Celek: 4-45rec/1TD
6. Kevin Kolb: 200pa/10ru/1TD/2INTs


1. Darren McFadden: 80ru/4-55rec/1TD
2. Mike Wallace: 5-90rec/1TD
3. Ben Roethlisberger: 220/10ru/2TDs/2INTs
4. Antonio Brown: 5-70rec/1TD
5. Carson Palmer: 245pa/1TD/1INT
6. Darrius Heyward-Bey: 5-55rec/1TD


1. Arian Foster: 125ru/4-40rec/2TDs
2. Andre Johnson: 6-100rec/1TD
3. Peyton Manning: 240pa/2TDs/1INT
4. DeMaryius Thomas: 6-70rec/1TD
5. Eric Decker: 5-70rec/1TD
6. Ben Tate: 40ru/1-6rec/1TD


1. Ray Rice: 120ru/4-45rec/1TD
2. Tom Brady: 265pa/2TDs/1INT
3. Rob Gronkowski: 6-90rec/1TD
4. Stevan Ridley: 80ru/3-23rec/1TD
5. Wes Welker: 5-70rec/1TD
6. Joe Flacco: 220pa/1TD/1INT


1. Aaron Rodgers: 310pa/3TDs/1INT
2. Russell Wilson: 240pa/55ru/2TDs/1INT
3. Jordy Nelson: 6-90rec/1TD
4. Marshawn Lynch: 90ru/3-30rec/1TD
5. Randall Cobb: 25ru/6-70rec/1TD
6. Cedric Benson: 75ru/2-20rec/0TDs

Byes: None

Ben Tate (@DEN)

Ben Tate isn’t a safe start by any means, as he did virtually nothing in Week 1, and then cranked out 74 yards and 2TDs on just 12 carries. Don’t sit a solid play in Week 3, or any sort of regular RB2, but Tate makes a fine flex-play if you’re in a bind.

Week 3 Projections: 40ru/1-6rec/1TD

Robert Griffin III (vs. CIN)

Robert Griffin III isn’t likely on too many benches by now, but if you own a very capable QB1, and you somehow managed to snag RG3 as your QB2 heading into 2012, well, you have yourself a big dilemma this week, and moving forward. RG3 plays the Bengals in Week 3, who just made the very mediocre Brandon Weeden look phenomenal in Week 2 (322pa/2TDs). Make no mistake about it, Weeden is not phenomenal. He could turn into a solid passer in time, I’m not suggesting that he won’t, but he isn’t near as good as he looked in Week 2 against a very bad Cincy defense. Close game or not, RG3 is going to tear this defense to shreds in Week 3. Griffin III is a top 5 fantasy QB this week. Of course I wouldn’t sit a Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Cam Newton in place of RG3, as you just don’t sit guys like that, but past that group, I may start RG3 over everyone else that lines up under center, including Tom Brady against the Ravens (just this week) – Moving forward, though, I think Griffin is inside my top 5-6 for 2012 fantasy quarterbacks.

Week 3 Projections: 275pa/65ru/3TDs/0INTs

QB – Andy Dalton vs. Wash

The red rocket was impressive week 2 to the tune of 318 yards and 3 TDs. Now he goes to Washington and gets a beat up a Redskins D that just lost two of its best defenders for possibly the season. It should be a bit of a shootout in DC with RG3 and Dalton going back and forth all day long. Dalton has shown confidence in going towards Tate/Hawkins/Gresham and the additional options have helped AJ Green get free as well. Dalton is normally a low #2-to-mid #3 QB, but if you are in a 2 QB league, or your normal starter has a bad matchup (like Schaub), give Andy the start in week 3. You’ll be looking at 250+ yards and 2 TDs with some possible bonus rushing yards as well, so enjoy.

RB – Donald Brown vs. Jax

Jacksonville has been gashed on the ground through two weeks and Brown will be looking to take advantage of their generosity in week 3. After AP had an impressive week 1 on the Jags, the Texans duo of Foster and Tate blistered them for a combined 184 yards on the ground, with 3 TDs this past week. With Luck getting the passing game in gear this past week, it will be Brown and the run game that will benefit moving forward. Normally Brown is a #3 RB or flex play, but this week he should be started as a high end #2 RB with the expectation of 20 touches, 110+ total yards and a TD. Take advantage of the Jacksonville sieve-of-a-D, and get D. Brown in your lineup.

WR – Marques Colston vs. KC

Relax Colston owners, everything will be fine. After only 7 catches for 120 yards and no TDs through two weeks, I’m sure there is some concern among the backers out there, especially seeing him get the 4th most receptions on the Saints this past week. Have no fear though, it’s about time for Colston to get on track in week 3 against the pitiful KC secondary. The whole Saints offense has been off this year, but Brees will go back to his #1 WR at home in a must-win game for the Saints. Balls will be flying through the air on Sunday and Colston will end up with a large share of them. He’ll be looking at 6+ catches for 100+ yards and at least 1 score. Forget about the past two weeks and start Marques with confidence in week 3.

Comment Below! Get Some Week 3 Advice!

NOTE: JRMRRT, Whos_Ur_Doggie, bddavidson and Mile_High_Man will be the contributors/moderators answering the comments below, as most all of my (Smitty) Week 3 thoughts can be found above in the projections listed… these fine folks will provide some much-needed and highly-recommended variation to all of your weekly line-up dilemmas.


  1. Would you bench Brady for Eli this week? What about Welker for Garcon? Tough matchups.

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    • Well Rolls, sitting Brady is tough because Brady is Brady..But with the matchup and having eli there with bradshaw hurt i probably start manning. i still like welker at this point but keep eye on garcon injury.

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  2. Hey Guys,

    I don’t see Ridley for week 3 in Smitty’s prediction..that means he doesn’t expect Ridley to do much. I need some RB and flex advice.

    I need to choose 2 RBs and 1 flex in my league. Following are my options:

    RBs: Matt Forte, Gore, Ridley, SJax, Michael Turner
    WRs: Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, DJax

    I am definitely starting Gore as RB1 given his recent form.
    Forte is out with injury. So then who do I start for RB2 and Flex.
    I don’t know if Ridley will be good RB2 for week 2 or do I go with SJax or Turner. Similarly with flex I am not sure. Or should I pick someone off the waiver like Donal Brown(Ind) or Andre Brown(NYG) or Ben Tate? But then who do I drop?
    Any help is appreciated?

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    • I would definitely go with Gore and Ridley as your RB’s this week. Ridley has a tough match-up with Baltimore but he should easily get the nod over Turner who hasn’t played all that well so far this season. If Tate is sitting on waivers right now, I would definitely pick him up!

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    • Neither of those two are very good options this week but Brown will get the touches IMO. DRich will most likely be splitting touches with Pead.

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  3. start 2 rice ,foster or spiller??? i mean pats have a good run defence so far this year and spiller plays the browns im thinkin bout goin spiller and foster,is that a bad choice,rice is a must start but i think i have to start spiller .

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  4. I am hoping your prediction for Justin Blackmon come to be, but right now i dont see that guy getting in the endzone let alone more than two catches

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  5. Have been starting Stafford over RG3 the last two weeks. Is this the week to make the switch? Seems to me that the Titans defense is just what Stafford might need to break out of his slump? I also can’t help think that RG3 is two big plays away from being a mediocre start the last two weeks.

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  6. Looking for some advice on my flex for week 3.

    Colston, Stevie Johnson, or Pierre Thomas?

    I know it says Colston should be back in form this week but I remain skeptical until the Saints passing game shows me some reason to hope.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    • Also, Demaryius Thomas against Texans D this week, does this mean trouble and it’s time to bench him?

      Thanks again.

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      • I think you still start DT. Seems like he and Peyton are making a connection in that offense.

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  7. Hey Guys,

    Didn’t think this trade was worth a forum thread. Quick opinion here.

    I was offered Dwayne Bowe for Donald Brown.

    It’s a .5 ppr league, we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR’s, etc.

    My RB’s are: CJ?K, Spiller, Benson, D. Brown, Jacquizz, Dwyer and K.Hunter

    My WR’s are: Marshall, Dez, M.Austin, L.Moore

    Do I pull the trigger on this deal?

    Thank You!

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    • Brown is looking like garbage to start the season and I was pretty high on him in the offseason. I think based on value alone, I would take that deal for Bowe. Even if you don’t keep him, Bowe holds more value than Brown and you could get another upgrade elsewhere.

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  8. I sat CJnoK this past weekend for Spiller and the Lawfirm. Thanks for the advice guys! It worked out great!

    I’m assuming I should keep CJnoK on the bench until he shows me something. What do you guys think? Smitty has him projected high this week but I’m hesitant to put him back in the starting lineup…

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    • Congrats on sitting CJ”No”K last week. It’s tough to sit a player you must have drafted pretty high. However, I would sit him again this week. I just flat out don’t trust CJ!

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    • Man, this one’s somewhat tough. Locker hasn’t looked very good this year IMO so based on that, Wilson gets the start based on default, lol. I do like Wilson this week against GB.

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    • I’m excited and really hope he back in true form. I am a little worried about Locker but lets wait and see.

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  9. With Hernandez out a few weeks,, I need a solid replacement until he returns. Do I pick up Kyle Rudolph or Dennis Pitta to hold me over? Thanks, guys! I didn’t see Pitta on your predictions list Smitty.

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    • Is Martellus Bennett available? If so Id pick him up over both of them. Between those 2 I think I would take Pitta.

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  10. Thank you and unfortunately Bennett is not available. I will switch over to Pitta and hope for the best.

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  11. i have 3 players for 2 spots…

    -Run DMC vs Pit (Which is my D)
    -Miles Austin vs TB
    -B. Green-Ellis vs Wash

    Honestly considering benching Mcfadden. Your thoughts?

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  12. Need help with my flex..

    Tate, Donald Brown, Dwayne Bowe, or Turner (Probably going to sit Turner)

    I’m thinking Bowe or Brown. Jax run D has been bad and the NO & KC game will be a shootout with two bad defenses..


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  13. Hey smitty! do you really alfie will catch 4rec this week for 40yds???? He’s gotten zero catches thus far.

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  14. Anyone still holding out hope for a breakout of R Wilson? He seems solid but appears to be in a run heavy offense. Will the coaching staff take the training wheels off this year?

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    • Hey Kevin,He is still a rookie.give him time. Goto our forum and ask the question you will get alot more input about wilson.

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  15. pick 2 to start in standard league.

    spiller, ridley, or trent richardson this week.

    week 3 starters looks:

    matt ryan
    malcolm floyd
    pitta (lost hernandez)
    chi d

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    • Tough question Bradley. CJ hasn’t been producing but he still has the skills,he needs the desire which he hasn’t shown and charles is coming off an ACL injury which i believe as the year goes on he will get better but next year is when charles will be back to his old self. it is a gamble either way. I would recommed posing the question in our forum for our memebers to help you out.

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  16. Hi There,

    This is my roster, I’m in a 12 team PPR league:
    QB Andrew Luck, Ind QB
    RB Jamaal Charles, KC RB
    RB Ryan Mathews, SD RB
    WR Dez Bryant, Dal WR
    WR Demaryius Thomas, Den WR
    TE Dennis Pitta, Bal TE
    FLEX Trent Richardson, Cle RB
    D/ST 49ers D/ST D/ST
    K David Akers, SF K
    Bench Kenny Britt, Ten WR
    Bench Vincent Jackson, TB WR
    Bench Demetrius Bennett NYG, TE
    Bench Jonathan Stewart, Car RB
    Bench Kevin Smith, Det RB
    Bench Alfred Morris, Wsh RB
    Bench Denarius Moore, Oak WR

    This is (probably) close to who I will start this weekend, there are a few question marks (like Matthews, play Britt yes or no, play K Smith, Bennett or V Jackson). Does this look like the best roster (with the players I have) ? Or would you change some players ? Thanks in advance

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    • Hey Dennis, looks good except if thats “Martellus” Bennett (NYG TE) on your bench Id stat him.

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  17. Hi,

    I’m trying to decide between Colston or Amendola for my WR2. My other WR is Jordy Nelson.

    What do you think?


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    • Hi Ellen…If this is a PPR league I’d go with Amendola…If NON-PPR I’d probably start Colston. GL.

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  18. ok so for this week this is my lineup. my flex spot is what i am questioning.

    seattle d/st

    my bench has romo, sjax, mcgahee, fjax, brandon tate, dez bryant, d. pitta, j.hanson, and atl d/st. my flex i can use a r/w/t. what r ur thoughts for flex n my lineup? thanks in advance. this is the best website n has the best advice.

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  19. hey guys, big fan of the sit from England, having a lot of trouble with my RB’s which two should I start this week out of J Charles, S-Jax, Willis McGahee, Jonathan Stewart and Peyton Hillis?
    Cheers for the help!

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    • Hey Pierre, glad to have you here…I’d start McGahee and roll with Charles as well and hope for the best. He had some soreness in his knee during the game last week so he saw limited snaps. That does concern me but I think he’s woth the risk given the other options. He definitely has the most upside there. GL!

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  20. So I’m trying to decide between ridley and brown for my flex.
    I thought the matchup against the jags this week would be great for brown. But from what I read ur saying go with ridley against Baltimore right? Also trying to decide between torey Smith desean Jackson or d.Thomas for my wr slot. Thanks for the help

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    • Hey drae…I’d go with Ridley and D Thomas. Ridley has a tough match-up but he’s getting a lot of touches and that’s what you want from a RB…A bunch of carries on a potent offense.

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  21. What 2 wr’s should I start with Dez, Decker, T Smith , and Lafell. Also should I pick up Hawkins. I just added Avery , and Hartline . Is having turbin a must since i have lynch. I understand the importance of a handcuff but he is worth keeping the entire season. last question should i start p manning or luck this week. thanks

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  22. 12 man standard non-ppr league

    With Nicks out I now have to choose from the following WR’s to start;

    Andrew Hawkins
    Mike Williams

    Who would you start?

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      • Would you trade K.Hunter for B.LaFell to start this week over those other WR’s in place of Nicks?

        My RB’s are Spiller, LawFirm, CJNOK, D.Richardson, and K.Hunter
        My WR’s are Nicks,Stevie Johnson, K.Wright, T.Young, R.Cobb,and Mike Williams?

        We start 2 RB’s and 2WR’s w/ no flex

        What do you think?

        The guy I am talking too only wants Hunter because he has Gore.

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  23. Really need help here!

    I have the #2 waiver slot. Both Amendola and Bennett are available.

    I can’t decide who I should prioritize, I’m .5 ppr so I love Amendola, but my #1 te is Hernandez so obviously I need to go for a te.

    Do I try to snag Amendola and take a Chandler or Pitta, or go for Bennett??

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    • do you need wr help if not get Bennett he could be a beast tonight an dmoving forwad i have been impressed by him. he could come close to the numbers hernz was going put up.

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  24. who should i start in my flex in a PPR league stevie johnson, donald brown, alfred morris or andre brown?

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    • hello jamie i would roll with S johnson he is the safest bet. or take a chance with A brown he should get the majority of the carries but wilson could cut into them so there is a risk.

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  25. Would you trade K.Hunter for B.LaFell to start this week over those other WR’s in place of Nicks?
    12 man standard non-ppr

    My RB’s are Spiller, LawFirm, CJNOK, D.Richardson, and K.Hunter
    My WR’s are Nicks,Stevie Johnson, K.Wright, T.Young, R.Cobb,and Mike Williams?

    We start 2 RB’s and 2WR’s w/ no flex

    What do you think?

    The guy I am talking too only wants Hunter because he has Gore.

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    • I would start Spiller, BJGE, Stevie and MWTB. In a redraft, I would move Hunter for LaFell but in a dynasty I don’t think I would.

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      • Sorry, it’s a redraft.

        The owner is hedging a bit now. He is asking for CJnoK for Lafell. Not sure I want to make that deal. But really don’t like what I see in CJnoK going forward.

        Would you do that?

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  26. Ok so I have another owner that’s interested in making a deal

    Here’s my complete roster;

    12 man standard non-ppr start 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE and no flex

    RB’s – Spiller, LawFirm, CJNOK, D.Richardson, and K.Hunter
    WR’s -Nicks,Stevie Johnson, K.Wright, T.Young, R.Cobb,and Mike Williams?

    TE – GRONK

    Would you trade Gronk, CJnoK, and Mike Williams for AJ Green, V.Davis, and Taiwan Jones ?

    Let me know. Thanks guys!

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      • hey steelcity, this more a forum question than startbench..i would suggest taking over to the forum and getting multiple response. but iwould probably do that trade.

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  27. Can you help with line for week 3. Standard league, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 WR/RB, 1TE, K, DEF

    My team:
    QB; M. Vick, A. Luck
    RB: A. Foster, D.Brown, C.Benson
    WR: AJ Green, R. White, D.Bryant, A.Brown, K.Britt
    TE: B.Celek, K.Rudolph, M.Bennett
    K: M.Bryant
    DEF: Dallas

    Also, should I try to pick up a different DEF. Available Seattle, Cleveland,Buffalo,and Arizona

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    • QB; M. Vick
      RB: A. Foster, D.Brown
      WR: AJ Green, R. White
      FLEX: D.Bryant (he’s due!)
      TE: M.Bennett
      K: M.Bryant
      DEF: Dallas

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  28. Thanks for the advice on CJ spiller last week! Loved it… i swear your articles are about my teams each week. I am 1 of the many that does have RG3 as a back-up to my Cam, but im starting to get trigger itch.
    But do you have any advice on Fitzgerald? i have convinced myself that his dreads are too long & coaches just cant see him. what do i do with a stud like that?! i know the instant i bench him, he will be the player of the week, but i own him on 3/4 teams & i cant take many more weeks like this. i also have Nelson, A. Brown, V. Jackson & Colston.

    Log in to Reply
    • Hey Katie – I feel you pain with Fitz and the rule of thumb is to always start your studs unless they are injured. Fitz is a stud and I could never advise benching him after only two weeks of NFL action. Until Nelson, Brown, VJax or Colston blow up to the point where they become players you just have to start, Fitz needs to remain in your lineup every week IMO. Good luck!

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  29. I am having a hard time choosing starters this week because of people’s performance on my team. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

    Roster: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, Flex, TE, K, Def (Already have the K and Def figured out)

    QBs: Brady and RG3
    WRs: Aj Green, Nelson, Crabtree, LaFell
    RBs: McFadden, Doug Martin, Reggie Bush, Helu
    TEs: Fred Davis, Fleener, Dennis Pita
    Flex: Either a WR Or RB

    Thank you. I appreciate. First time starting off my fantasy league 2-0! Super excited!

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    • I would role with this……………

      QBs: Brady
      WRs: AJ Green, Nelson
      RBs: McFadden, Doug Martin
      TEs: Dennis Pita
      Flex: Reggie Bush

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    • I would go RG3, Brady isn’t syncing well with McDaniels. RG3 is playing a weak Bengals D. Bush and Martin at rb. Nelson and Green at wr. Lafell at flex and Davis at te.

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      • Thanks for the advice. I’ll see how I feel about taking McFadden and Brady out. There is a weird feeling that I should, but still not fully convinced

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  30. Who should I put For QB, Eli or Philip?
    Rb1 is LeSean and RB2 is Spiller but Idk who to put For Flex, I got Percy, Chris Johnson, Alfred Morris, Bowe, Almendola, or Donald Brown.

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  31. I am in a 1 ppr league. I need lots of help this week. We start 2 rbs 2 wrs and a flex wr/rb. I have Arian Foster who is a must start, but everything else is up in the air. Who do I start for the rest out of AP vs the 9ers, which I don’t like, Alfred Morris, and Stevan Ridley at rb. Then I have Jennings, Cobb, D. Thomas, Antonio Brown, and Donnie Avery at wr. Please help. I have Foster and Morris in at rb. Brown and Thomas at wr. And Ridley as my flex currently. What do y’all think?

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    • I think you should start AP and go with this…………..

      Foster, AP, Ridley (flex), Brown and DT

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  32. I’m I crazy for considering trading A. Bradshaw for Mikel LeShoure? Foster/Murray/T. Rich all start and I already have Smith on the bench, seems like LeShoure’s stock is rising and Bradshaw is falling, tell me I’m wrong?

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    • I agree that Leshoure’s stock is rising but it’s only because his suspension is now over. Other than that, remind me of what exactly has he accomplished in the NFL? That’s right, nothing, lol. Bradshaw is injured right now and I wouldn’t trade him for Leshoure even though he’s injured.

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  33. I was offered a trade and don’t know if i should do it
    I was offered Chris Johnson for Jamaal Charles? What should I do?

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  34. Hey, looking for a flex play. Options are Pierre Thomas, Kenny Britt, or Randall Cobb. They’re all okay, but I’m not in love with any of them at this point. Thoughts?

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  35. Need some help at flex position. Percy harvin who seems pretty reliable or mikel leshoure who is more of a high risk high reward type of play, but tennessee’s run D has been weak. Any suggestions?

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  36. 10 team ppr league. this is my team:

    qb rg3/romo
    rb foster/sjax/fjax/morris/mcgahee/tate
    wr cruz/a.brown/dez bryant
    te t.gonzalez/pitta
    k hanson/tucker
    d/st sea/atl

    since im kinda weak at wr i am thinking of dropping fjax and picking up malcolm floyd(wr sd). what do you guys think? thanks in advance.

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    • would you start M floyd over any of those guys if you picked him up?i doubt it unless it is a bye week.drop a kicker or def instead if you chose to pick him up.

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      • i would start him over dez. dez ant doing anything n floyd is showing he is rivers main target at wr

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  37. What do you think, non-ppr I have to decide (2 RB spots) between McCoy, MJD, and Richardson. (also Ridley but i’ve decided to bench him this week) Thinking of holding McCoy out. Is that crazy…..I haven’t been that impressed with Philly and scared they lay an egg against Zona. Also, should I leave V.Jackson in or throw Britt in instead. I have Miles, Roddy, and Jackson in there now. I’m thinking Dallas can shut down Jackson this weekend. Any help would be great.

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  38. I need a RB2 and a flex play and here are my choices. Chris johnson who has been very dissappointing thus far, demarco murray going against tampa’s run D which has looked solid, and antonio brown who hasnt done much yet but definitely has a high ceiling. What do you guys think?

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    • Of those three, I’d be starting Murray without hesitation. That TB defense is porous.

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  39. I just had quick question about a trade offered me. A Pats fan is offering me Brees for my Brady.

    It seems like Brady is not producing the numbers I expected him to produce this year.

    Should i take the trade?

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  40. Hey I need RB Sit/Start advice. Thinking of playing D Brown even if SJax plays. 10 team .5 ppr. Thanks

    Qb – Eli
    Rb – Foster
    Rb – SJax
    WR- D Thomas
    WR- J Jones
    T – Gates
    W/T – Vincent Jax

    Bn – A Luck
    Bn – Britt
    Bn – B Tate
    Bn – D Brown

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    • welcome jay, with s jax banged up keep an eye on his status. but he does have a tough matchup i probably go brown as well..

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  41. Who should I start week 3? Only need 2
    L Fitz
    B Lloyd
    D Thomas
    T smith
    P Harvin
    R Wayne
    S Johnson

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  42. Should I start Trent Rich or Marshawn Lynch for RB and stick through with tough D slow start aaron rodgers or go with weaker D hot hand RG3?

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    • welcome CJ, good question i take a gamble here and go RG3, seattle has a good D but that is a good problem to have take this over to the foruma nd get alot more answers. i like TR this year too. green bay is underrated as well.

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  43. HI guys,


    Ridley @BAlt or
    Martin @Dall

    Stafford @Tenn or

    RG3 vs Cin


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  44. WTH? My apologies for the previous post!

    HI guys,


    Stafford @Tenn or

    RG3 vs Cin


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  45. I have 2 Rb spots and 2 Wr spots and 1 Rb/Wr flex. Idk who to start out of Ryan Mathews, Cj Spiller and Ridely for RB and Jennings, D Thomas, B Lloyd and Colston

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    • This week I’d go with Siller and Ridley at RB, DT and Lloyd at WR and Mathews at flex. I just don’t think Jennings or Colston are healthy enough to start.

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  46. Quick question, Bowe or Colsten for this week. Have Megatron as the #1 WR, just tying to fill that second spot. any suggestions?

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  47. Need 2 WR’s f0r my line up out of Welker, Jordy, Antonio Brown, Percy and Britt

    Who should I start?

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  48. Hope you guys are having great years so far!

    Would this be a good trade for me?
    Brady and McFadden for Julio Jones and McCoy

    My current roster:
    QB: Brady and Rg3
    WR: Aj.Green, Jordy, Crabtree, LaFell
    RB: McFadden, Doug Martin, Reggie Bush, Helu
    TE: Fred Davis, Fleener, Dennis Pit

    QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, Flex, K, Def

    Thanks guys!

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    • Yes Sir! If your comfortable starting RG3, go for it. Brady is a stud but you could have Julio and Aj on the same team along side McCoy, Martin and Jordy or Reggie. Thats a nice starting lineup. On top of that Darren hasn’t done much and is still an injury risk.

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    • hey Johnny this is an excellent question to post on the forum.. i like this trade for you..especially if it is dyansty but even redraft i still do this trade.

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      • Thanks man! I appreciate it your concern for my team. I love it and I love this website!

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  49. Maclin is out so I need one of Heyward-Bey, Lance Moore, or Avery to step up. Which one should I take a chance with? (Opponent has Drew Brees in case that makes a difference).

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  50. Need help quick antonio brown or chris johnson at flex. Ive been thinking about it all week and still cant decide both seem to have high risk high reward and im running out of time on my decision. What should i do?

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    • i hope you went brown..sry for the delay..if someone doesnt get back to you soon enough you can always post in the forum you will get a much quicker reply..i promise..

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  51. 10 team ppr league. this is my team:

    qb rg3/romo
    rb foster/sjax/fjax/morris/mcgahee/tate
    wr cruz/a.brown/dez bryant
    te t.gonzalez/pitta
    k hanson/tucker
    d/st sea/atl

    since im deep at rb. im thinking of trading fjax for greg jennings. what r ur thoughts?

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