Week 16: Start and Bench Advice

Below is our Week 16 Start & Bench Advice for the 2012 fantasy football season.

Who do you start? Who do you sit? From Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em scenarios to Weekly Projections, we got all of your Week 16 fantasy football content right here!

Let’s get to it!

Week 16 Start Bench Advice

fantasy football start bench advice

Week 16 is always a tough week to toss out all kinds of bold predictions, as many times studs are the ones that sit early, and it’s just way to hard to “bank on” players playing full contests if their team gets out to an early lead. The best advice I can give fantasy owners entering Week 16 is to stick with the players that got you here, and don’t get too creative and sit a player that has helped you reach Week 16, I don’t care if that player struggled last week (examples: Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, etc) — Start your studs and don’t get too crafty!

With that said, here are my top few not-so-obvious predictions for Week 16. These players/projections below wouldn’t necessarily end up being my top projected players for the week (ex: I have both Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles rushing for over 150 yards and at least 1-2TDs); however, someone like C.J. Spiller (see below) could probably crack my top three at his position if this wasn’t just the “not-so-obvious” list.

Note: These projections are unrelated to the projections below, which are created by JRMRRT.


Andrew Luck (@KC): 300 yards, 3TDs, 1INT

Philip Rivers (@NYJ): 285 yards, 3TDs, 0INTs

Running Backs

C.J. Spiller (@MIA): 155 rushing yards, 4 rec for 40 yards and 2TDs

Demarco Murray (vs. Saints): 110 rushing yards, 4 rec for 40 yards, 2TDs

Mark Ingram (@DAL): 90 rushing yards, 2 rec 12 yards, 1TD

Receivers/Tight Ends

TY Hilton (@KC): 6 rec for 110 yards and 1TD

Randall Cobb (vs. Titans): 6 rec for 90 yards and 1TD, and 20 rush yards

Antonio Brown (vs. Bengals): 5 rec for 99 yards and 1TD

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Week 16 Projections


Below are Week 16 Fantasy Football Projections. These projections are based on a standard PPR scoring format.


1. Tom Brady (@ Jaguars): 400/4
2. Cam Newton (vs. Raiders): 300/2 70/1 rush
3. Matt Ryan (@ Lions): 340/3 1 INT
4. Drew Brees (@ Cowboys): 330/3 1 INT
5. Peyton Manning (vs. Browns): 325/3 1 INT
6. Aaron Rodgers (vs. Titans): 310/3 10/0 rush
7. Andrew Luck (@ Chiefs): 310/3 15/0 rush 2 INTs
8. Robert Griffen III (@ Eagles): 280/2 60/0 rush
9. Matt Stafford (vs. Falcons): 330/2 2 INTs
10. Tony Romo (vs. Saints): 300/2 1 INT
11. Eli Manning (@ Ravens): 300/2 1 INT
12. Matt Schaub (vs. Vikings): 300/2 1 INT
13. Carson Palmer (@ Panthers): 290/2 1 INT
14. Josh Freeman (vs. Rams): 280/2 1 INT
15. Andy Dalton (@ Steelers): 270/2 1 INT
16. Russell Wilson (vs. 49ers): 210/1 55/1 1 INT
17. Collin Kaepernick (@ Seahawks): 260/1 75/0 1 INT
18. Phillip Rivers (@ Jets): 275/2 2 INTs
19. Jay Cutler (@ Cardinals): 270/2 2 INTs
20. Ben Roethlisberger (vs. Bengals): 310/1 1 INT

Running Backs

1. Adrian Peterson (@ Texans): 175/2 2/20/0
2. Jamaal Charles (vs. Colts): 160/1 3/25/0
3. CJ Spiller (@ Dolphins): 100/1 4/45/0
4. Doug Martin (vs. Rams): 110/1 3/30/0
5. Ray Rice (vs. Giants): 110/1 3/25/0
6. Arian Foster (vs. Vikings): 110/1 3/20/0
7. Reggie Bush (vs. Bills): 90/1 4/35/0
8. Trent Richardson (@ Broncos): 100/1 3/20/0
9. Knowshon Moreno (vs. Browns): 100/1 2/20/0
10. Demarco Murray (vs. Saints): 100/1 1/15/0
11. Alfred Morris (@ Eagles): 110/1
12. Stevan Ridley (@ Jaguars): 110/1
13. Marshawn Lynch (vs. 49ers): 100/1
14. Darren McFadden (@ Panthers): 85/1 1/15/0
15. Bejarvis Green-Ellis (@ Steelers): 95/1
16. Mikel Leshoure (vs. Falcons): 95/1
17. Chris Johnson (@ Packers): 100/0 3/20/0
18. Matt Forte (@ Cardinals): 65/0 5/40/0
19. Steven Jackson (@ Bucs): 75/0 3/35/0
20. Michael Turner (@ Lions): 65/1

Wide Receivers / Tight Ends

1. Calvin Johnson (vs. Falcons): 10/120/1
2. AJ Green (@ Steelers): 9/110/1
3. Brandon Marshall (@ Cardinals): 9/110/1
4. Julio Jones (@ Lions): 8/110/1
5. Andre Johnson (vs. Vikings): 8/110/1
6. Reggie Wayne (@ Chiefs): 9/100/1
7. Wes Welker (@ Jaguars): 11/95/1
8. Steve Smith (vs. Raiders): 8/100/1
9. Vincent Jackson (vs. Rams): 6/110/1
10. Roddy White (@ lions): 7/100/1
11. Victor Cruz (@ Ravens): 6/100/1
12. Demaryous Thomas (vs. Browns): 6/100/1
13. Steve Johnson (@ Dolphins): 6/100/1
14. Eric Decker (vs. Browns): 8/85/1
15. Jimmy Graham (@ Cowboys): 5/100/1
16. Dez Bryant (vs. Saints): 5/100/1
17. Marques Colston (@ Cowboys): 6/95/1
18. Pierre Garcon (@ Eagles): 4/100/1
19. Mike Wallace (vs. Bengals): 4/100/1
20. TY Hilton (@ Chiefs): 4/100/1
21. Kenny Britt (@ Packers): 4/100/1
22. Aaron Hernandez (@ Jaguars): 5/95/1
23. Randall Cobb (vs. Titans): 5/90/1 1/10/0 rushing
24. Hakeem Nicks (@ Ravens): 5/90/1
25. Michael Crabtree (@ Seahawks): 5/90/1
26. Tony Gonzales (@ Lions): 5/90/1
27. Jeremy Maclin (vs. Redskins): 5/90/1
28. Jason Witten (vs. Saints): 8/100/0
29. Chris Givens (@ Bucs): 5/110/0
30. Lance Moore (@ Cowboys): 6/100/0
31. Mike Williams (vs. Rams): 4/55/1
32. Antonio Brown (vs. Bengals): 5/100/0
33. Sidney Rice (vs. 49ers): 4/35/1
34. Torrey Smith (vs. Giants): 4/90/0
35. Greg Jennings (vs. Titans): 4/90/0

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Looking For Week 16-Only Rankings?

By Mile_High_Man

These Rankings will be available by WED night

View these Weekly Line-Up Rankings here (week 16 only, and we have both PPR and Non-PPR).

Note: These rankings are maintained by Mile_High_Man and will be updated throughout the week.

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  1. John says:

    Finals week, need some help.

    Lance Moore (dal) or Brandon Gibson (tb)?

    If Bradshaw sits do I start Wilson(bal) or Bryce Brown(wsh) at flex? Definitely start Brown even if Bradshaw plays?

    If RG3 out again: Wilson (sf) or Dalton (pit)?

    • bdd says:

      hey john, tough choices like moore, and yes i would start wilson, if bradshaw plays i would look at Brown!

      • John says:

        Thanks, BDD. I’m thinking RG3 will play but if not would you roll Wilson, Dalton, or scoop Bradford on waivers in a favorable match up? This is a two week final, by the way.

        • Who's U'r Doggie says:

          Starting RGIII this late in the playoffs is very risky IMO. Healthy or not, one wrong cut or hit and RGIII is right back on the sidelines. I personally like Dalton against Pitt this week. Good luck!

          • John says:

            The guy I am playing has Brees and AP…I think I’d rather lose counting on RG3′s upside (who pretty much got me here) than lose with Dalton. Thanks for the advice though!

  2. ToxicForce says:


    Pick 2 RBs…Foster/Rice/Spiller

    Pick 3 WRs…Megatron/AJG/Roddy/Dez/Nicks/Shorts

    Pick 1 DST…Niners vs. Seahawks or Chargers vs. Jets

    I appreciate and respect your advice…THANKS

  3. GoPack says:

    Championship in 3 leagues boys! Thanks for all the help this season!
    Need ya one more time, please….


    Need 3:
    Knowshon vs Clev
    Demarco vs NO
    Spiller @ Mia
    Lynch @Sea
    McFadden @Car

    Need 1:
    Dez vs NO
    Shorts vs NE
    Nicks @BAlt

    Car vs Oak or
    NE @Jax

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  4. Anonymous says:

    DC!! I made it to superbowl and I need one more help.

    Regular non ppr league.

    Qb: freeman, or pick up bradford or rivers off waiver
    RB: Foster, D.martin and Ap
    Wr: dez, amendola, blackmon, boldin, g.jennings
    Te: gronk, witten, scheffler
    Def: miami or pickup packs def.

    Let me know!!

  5. John says:

    DeAngello Williams worth a flex over D Wilson and B Brown?

  6. Johnny says:

    Thanks again for all your help this season! Made the playoffs! Would love any help. Here’s what I’m thinking for my team, but please correct me if need be…

    QB: Brady @ Jac
    WR: AJG @ Pit and Pierre Garcon @ Phi
    RB: Doug Martin vs Stl and McFaccen @ Car
    TE: Greg Olsen vs Oak
    W/R: Reggie Bush vs Buf

    QB: RGIII @ Phi
    WR: Michael Crabtree @ Sea; D Alexander @ NYJ; Jordy Nelson vs Ten
    RB: Marcel Reece @ Car; David Wilson @ Bal

    Thanks again!

  7. ump says:

    I lost my chance to go to the championship game by 2 points mainly because I played Stafford (thinking his floor was the same as Kapernick) and he only got me 3 points. I want to play Kaepernick this week (mostly out of spite). Am I making the wrong move?

    Also, same question as last week. Lance Moore, Mike Williams, or Blackmon? Moore was the right choice and I went with him last week. I feel Blackmon is the right choice this week.

    • bdd says:

      i like stafford over Kap but i undertsand the feelings with the preformance last week from stafford, i like moore/blackmon chose the one you like best good matchup for both

  8. Donkeylips says:

    No Amendola in the rankings?

    Tampa’s secondary sucks, I see a big game. Especially in PPR.

    • bdd says:

      that is totally possible Donkey lips. just because he isnt listed does mean anything other than the ranking see these Wrs/te doing better.

  9. TamMan says:

    First of all, THANK YOU DC NATION for all of your help this year!

    First in my NON-PPR League:

    Non-PPR WR Pick 1: Wallace vs Cincy OR Amendola @ TB

    Pick 1 D/ST: PATS @ jax, JETS vs sd, INDY @ kc


    My PPR League:

    PPR WR, Pick 1: G.Jennings vs TENN OR D.Alexander @ NYJ

    PPR TE, Pick 1: G.Olsen vs OAK OR T.Scheffler vs ATL

    PPR RB, Pick 1: S.Ridley @ JAX OR Moreno vs. CLE

    Thank You!!!

  10. CHRIS says:


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